Boats4work was founded in 2014 by a Yacht broker with heavy commercial shipping experience and a web design engineer.  Due to the lack of a centralized search engine for commercial vessels, Boats4work was founded on making the industry’s most advanced, proprietary search engine technology geared specifically toward the commercial marine industry.  

Boats4work is not only designed to be the worlds most sophisticated search engine of commercial vessels for sale or charter, it is also in the process of creating the world largest marketplace for commercial marine supplies and parts, and dedicated to building an interactive community to link maritime professionals to the world’s largest commercial vessel data base.

Boats4work is geared to be the only site in the world that will link the commercial marine industry together in one interactive environment.  Our vessel data base will link the mariners who have sailed on board to the parts needed to repair with up to date forums where members can ask advice, share knowledge, and communicate to members of the maritime community.

Boats4work is dedicated to making sure that all maritime businesses are able to use and access our site by making all of our basic services free.  Support is provided through advertising.  For information on how you can advertise with Boats4work, please contact Corey Hooper directly at or by email at Corey@boats4work.com.