What cost are involved with advertising?

Absolute no cost are involved with advertising your commercial vessel on Boats4work.com.  There are future plans for upgraded features, but for now, the entire site is free.


Are there plans for there to be a charge?

We do not plan on ever charging for a simple boat ad.


Can I post pleasure boats for sale?

Boats4work is strictly a commercial boat web site.  There are some exception such as boats that are used for please but might be dual purposed as a commercial boat.  There are also some pleasure boats that have been used to the point that it is not feasible to refurbish them back to please boat status, and you can advertise these as commercial fishing boats, etc.


Can I list parts for sale?

Boats 4 work is working on adding parts to the site as well as crewing.  The future is for Boats 4 work to be the world’s largest source information source for the commercial marine market.


Why is there not a place for individuals to sign in?

Commercial boats are rarely owned by individuals, and if so that individual has a company. If you have a commercial boat and do not have a corporation, you can register as a company using your name as the company’s name.